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A Journey Through Odisha’s Palate

Are you a pilgrim, a nature lover, or a foodie? Odisha has everything to entice you, no matter what your passion is. It is a land of stunning scenery, venerated temples, and wonderful cuisine.

The diversity of cuisines that are traditional to this state will astound you. Odia dishes will not disappoint your taste buds, whether they are savory or sweet. Are you hungry? We totally get it! So, let’s begin exploring some of Odisha’s most famous dishes.

Dahi Pakhala

In the sweltering heat of an Indian summer, pakhala is a soothing, cooling, and therapeutic dish. Dahi Pakhala is a simple recipe of cooked rice, water, and curd, flavoured with fresh ginger, mango ginger, and fresh green chillis, and sometimes tempered with cumin seeds, dry chilli, and curry leaves in mustard oil.

Chenna Jhilli

Fresh Chenna or cottage cheese is used to make Chenna Jhilli, which is then fried in ghee and soaked in light sugar syrup. When you bite into this treat, you’ll get a burst of flavour from the chenna’s sweetness and the cardamom-flavoured sugar syrup.×500.jpeg

Chhena Poda

If you have a soft spot for cheese, you must try this Odisha traditional dish. Although cheesecake is a popular dessert in other parts of the world, Odisha’s version is unique. The gooeyness of caramelised sugar syrup and the rustic texture of fried cottage cheese and semolina will linger on your mouth for a long time. If you’re a foodie, Milky Moo is the best place to look for it and try it.


These chhena patties, deep-fried and drenched in rich sweetened milk, will satisfy your sweet tooth. This sweet is mostly sold at affordable pricing in local sweet stores, but it may also be found in a traditional restaurant in Odisha.


It’s a rare sweet dish that’s all but forgotten these days, but it tastes fantastic. It’s basically deep-fried squares of cottage cheese (paneer) drenched in sugar syrup.

Odias love food since it is important in the state’s religious culture. Odia food is basic yet tasty, made with little or no oil to bring out the flavours of the spices, which are used sparingly. The menu is extensive and pleasing to the palette. 

The best part is that they’re all made of milk. The eastern states are expected to drive the next wave of expansion in India’s dairy industry. Not only have dairy companies seen a potential market in the region, but policy guidance has also aided development in these “dairy underdeveloped States.”

Don’t keep your palette craving now that you know what not to miss in Odisha. 

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