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The Ultimate Face-off: Curd Vs Probiotic Curd

For the longest time, curd and yoghurt have often been used interchangeably. Yoghurt also known as Probiotic Curd is the healthier cousin of curd, but let’s find out why.

What is the difference between ‘Curd’ and ‘Probiotic Curd’?

You would have seen your mom adding a spoon of leftover Dahi into warm milk, and then the next day, she would make fresh and tasty curd rice. The curd made at home is healthy and good but not the best. The homemade curd contains lactic acid, which further ferments and curdles milk. But the only drawback is that curd has plenty of lactic acids but a very minute amount of live bacteria- the good bacteria that make your gut healthy.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially the digestive system. Probiotics are often called “good” bacteria as they play a significant role in keeping the gut healthy. For bacteria to be called a probiotic, the specific lactic acid-producing bacterial count per gram should not be less than 10,00,000.

Probiotic Dahi – By Milky Moo 

Milky Moo, the best cow milk brand in India, is the first in Eastern India to introduce probiotics in curd through its product, the Probiotic Dahi. This curd could do wonders to your gut and make you healthy and happy. Each 100gms of Probiotic Dahi contains billions of live bacteria, which simply said means a bowl of blessing for your gut along with other health benefits.

Probiotic Dahi is not only a miracle for your gut but also has many other health benefits. Here are three such benefits of Milky Moo’s ethically sourced Probiotic Dahi :

  • For stronger bones and teeth

Probiotic curd has a lot of calcium and vitamin D, an essential nutrient for healthy bones. Consuming a cup of probiotic Dahi would make your teeth and bones stronger. Consuming probiotic Dahi daily provides impressive amounts of calcium to the body and reduces the risk of arthritis, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

  • For weight loss

A protein-rich diet is an essential secret for every weight loss regime. Curd is a rich source of protein, while the gut-friendly bacteria in probiotic curd helps control weight gain. Protein makes your stomach feel full for a longer time, whereas the calcium and the probiotic bacteria present in the curd would stop fat cells from forming. Milky Moo’s Probiotic Dahi is yummy as well and might make your weight loss journey a moolicious one.

  • For stronger immunity

A cup of Probiotic Dahi is your immunity sword to live a healthy life. Not only will the probiotic strain in curd strengthen your gut health but also reduce the chances of infections and inflammatory bowel diseases. 

Get your cup of Probiotic Dahi from the best milk brand in India – Milky Moo to make your salads, rice and smoothies; tasty and healthy! You can grab it at your nearest store or order online by downloading the DailyMoo App!



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